Our company principles are communicated to all employees they offer clear guidance on how we expect our people and our company to behave.

They govern our approach to crucial subjects such as safety, health and the environment. They also set out how we relate to key stakeholders, including clients, professionals, sub-contractors and suppliers.

Guiding Principles

  • To fulfil our responsibilities to stakeholders, clients, employees, suppliers and the wider community;
  • To treat all groups and individuals engaged in, or affected by, the business with the highest standards of integrity;
  • To conduct all aspects of our business at the highest level of excellence and professionalism and have regard to the traditions and practices of the markets in which we operate;
  • To pursue our financial performance goals without losing sight of longer-term objectives or of the wider context in which our business operates;
  • To seek continuous improvement in all aspects of the way in which we operate and do business;
  • To ensure we conduct our business and make our decisions within a clear ethical framework.
  • To encourage pro-active participation and to promote valued engineering and planning.

We aspire to being the preferred

construction company in the industry

We are a Proud member

The Green Building Council SA leads the transformation of the South African property industry to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way.

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