Archstone International (Pty) Ltd. was established in 2007 by a multi-disciplinary partnership with core skills in civil engineering, construction management, quality control and quantity surveying.

The company is passionate about developing people in the industry and has mentored dozens of technical staff who have gone on to enrich the industry. Archstone has created a vast number of job opportunities over its lifetime.

Our growth and solid reputation has been underpinned by a loyal cohort of partners that are made up of direct clients, developers, architects, and fellow contractors, who repeatedly entrust us with their projects and are part of the company’s success story.


Archstone’s trusted reputation in the South African Construction industry has been cemented over the last decade by providing consistent quality and unwavering service excellence to each of our clients.

Our conduct is guided by integrity and professionalism as well as mutual respect for all our stakeholders that include clients, partners and employees.

Our passion for technical innovation and concern for the environment means we constantly educate ourselves about the most sustainable practices as our contribution towards the pursuit of low carbon economy and regard safety for people and planet as one of our paramount priorities.

Archstone has always prided itself on being a highly versatile medium-sized construction company with a diverse portfolio of projects spanning Industrial, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate and Residential Developments. Archstone International will be branching out beyond the borders of South Africa while we forge a new chapter in our company’s history.


Archstone is a comprehensive construction company capable of managing all aspects of the project pipeline from planning to handover.

We believe our respect for the client’s investment, safety of our workers and uncompromising quality of the build means our approach to construction can best be described as ‘people-centred and process driven’. Archstone excels at solving complex challenges that would ordinarily result in delays and overspending and frequently provides original and innovative solutions to construction.


In 2018 we launched Archstone Construction South Africa. Archstone Construction South Africa (Pty) Ltd. will be focusing on construction projects within South Africa and will benefit from the full support in terms of management, financing and guidance from Archstone International (Pty) Ltd. This will ensure that we fulfil our responsibilities towards South Africa’s commitment to change.

We believe that we can have the biggest impact through skills development, capacity building and education, and will continue to use every project as a training opportunity to empower future builders.